Ope Its Mow Time


Ope. It’s Mow Time




    6,300 sqft
    50/50 Perennial Ryegrass & Kentucky Bluegrass (Cool Season)
    Twin Cities



    I’m Chris, more commonly known in the biz as Ope.  With a degree in Landscape Architecture, I naturally fall into the bucket of being a lawn enthusiast.  Using my lawn as a personal canvas as a DIY’er, I quickly came across thousands of other DIY’ers on social media who enjoy doing the same.  Whether you recently took the plunge into DIY lawn care, or are an industry professional, my goal within my platforms is to bring people with common interests together to learn from one another!  My wife (#MrsOpe) and I are proud parents to our two boys and hail to you from the land of you betcha, hot dishes, and 10,000 lakes. #ItsMowTime!